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GSM #182 Low Spirits

Posted 25th of February by Reine Brand

 My face has been exploding for about a week. No, it’s not the plague, it just seems there’s a lot of allergens in the air lately. We have a lot of plants here that in certain seasons release a bunch of fine particles and pollen.

Back in November we even had an “asthma thunderstorm”, a rare event that only happens in a handful of places in the world-  triggering asthma even in people who don’t usually suffer from the condition.

Australia, where even the trees are trying to kill you.


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No update this week
Posted 2016-11-25 by Reine

My computer has died :'( It’s a solid state drive so it’s pretty damn dead. Fortunately, all of my comic stuff is on a normal drive and is recoverable…

So, depending on whether I can resurrect it somehow or make a zombie computer out of spare parts (and how long all of that takes), I might post two comics next week. Hopefully before Nathan and Casper get ate.

Thanks for your patience, everyone, and have an awesome Thanksgiving if you’re into that kind of thing!